LineTroll LT110Tu/ LT110Tu (r)

Faults on the Overhead Electrical networks occur quite often, which results in power outages either for a short or long period of time, depending upon the type of fault. It takes a very long time to locate the fault on that section of the network from where fault passed through, with the help of only sectionalizers and auto-reclosers since they provide us a large area, which needs to be patrolled to find out the location of the fault. Fault passage Indicators (FPI) helps us in finding the fault fast, decreasing outage times and maintaining services provided by the utilities, by almost giving us an exact area where the fault is, so it is easier to locate fault in very short time.

EPSE represents a prestigious organization named Nortroll, exclusively in Saudi Arabia. Nortroll is the pioneer of electronic fault passage indicators and has been providing the FPI for Overhead and Underground Networks for more than 40 Years now, which covers various solutions for Transmission and Distribution Networks.

LineTroll LT110Tu / LT110Tu (r)

Fault Passage Indicator for overhead lines (66-138kv)

LineTroll 110Tμ Fault Indicator indicates earth and shortcircuit-faults by detection of changes in the magnetic field set up by the fault current. The indicator can detect and independently indicate both permanent and transient faults. A cluster of red LEDs’ for permanent fault and one green LED for transient fault.

An orange LED will give indication on low battery status.

Features LineTroll 110Tμ:

  • Programmable operating parameters
  • High visibility ( > 12 lumens)
  • Usable on all Sub-Transmission Volt-age distribution networks 66-138KV.
  • Usable on multi circuit systems
  • Voltage or current as start criteria (programmable)
  • Dual indications (permanent and transient faults)
  • Resistant to tough weather conditions
  • Battery capacity monitoring

Special version LT-110Tμr, is available with integrated radio for SCADA-monitoring.

LineTroll 110Tμ continuously monitors the line voltage and phase current, the sources of information it needs to operate. The unit is fully self-contained, no external transformers or connections is required.

During normal line conditions, LineTroll 110Tμ remains extinguished.

The user may program the conditions for operation to suit his local requirement by manipulating a bank of micro-switches inside the indicator.