LogicLab DFR

Digital Fault Recorder

FR947-EX is the evolution and upgrade of LogicLab FR947 Digital Fault Recorder (DFR) with a signal processing unit capable of performing advanced measuring algorithms. LogicLab developed a high-performance device, with state of the art hardware that includes a 32bit CPU and 3.6 GFLOPS DSPs parallel architecture.

The DFR is intended for power distribution medium and high voltage substations. With up to 32 analog inputs (voltage or current) at 24-bit resolution and up to 128 digital inputs, this device provides the best solution for substation monitoring with high levels of precision and accuracy. Each channel (analog or digital) is isolated from all other channels to power supply and ground.

FR947-EX Digital Fault Recorder is capable of performing different types of recording and stores them on Compact Flash card:

  • TAR (Transient Analog Recording): transient recording. It includes all analog and digital input signals (waveforms).
  • TMR (Transient Measure Recording): disturbance recording. It includes all measures performed by FR947-EX. If enabled, recording starts simultaneously with TAR recording.
  • SMR (Slow Measure Recording): slow recording. It includes all measures performed by FR947-EX

TAR/TMR and SMR have two different sets of trigger user configurable and SMR can be a configured as continuous slow recording. FR947-EX Digital Fault Recorder is capable to manage up to six recordings simultaneously (one TAR, one TMR, and four SMR) without loss of data.

DFR is equipped with two ethernets 10/100 BASE-TX connection, one fiber optic link 100 BASE-FX, two RS232 connections, FR947-EX can be fully configured, remotely or locally over TCP/IP network. Recordings can be downloaded by remote side via LAN/WAN connection.

FR947-EX Digital Fault Recorder is delivered with two user-friendly software: SpyFR947 that allows a complete management of the device by providing real-time tools, records management tool, parameterization tool and LogOscillo that incorporates a complete set of tools for an effective, powerful and precise recordings analysis.

FR947-EX Digital Fault Recorder can be used with PMU software as Phase Measurement Unit for synchrophasors management. PMU software is an optional upgrade that can be performed at any time and doesn't require a hardware upgrade.