Our History

Electrical Power Systems Est., EPSE was founded in 1989 under the name of Electronics Systems Est. (ESE). Established primarily to provide general services in instrumentation, calibration and personal computer trade, it then revolutionized its interests to the more technical field of Control and Monitoring Systems primarily for the Electric Power utilities. Within a short period of time in this new field of interest, it has achieved a remarkable and outstanding performance that gained the appreciation and acknowledgment of fine clients such as ABB, which from thence entrusted sensitive related jobs to the Establishment.
Realizing the soaring demand for services in this specialized field and where only few Saudi firms have ventured, the management was prompted to enhance and confine ESE activities within the bounds of Electric Power Control and Monitoring Systems.
In late 1998, Electronics Systems Est. (ESE) was renamed Electrical Power Systems Establishment EPSE to appropriately symbolize its specialized activities in the field of Electricity.
The short period of time during which EPSE ventured into the new field of endeavor, it has been awarded and completed many prestigious projects involving implementation of state of the art technology to modernize Electric Power Control and Monitoring Systems.
On April 3rd, 2014, EPSE had opened an office in Kingdom of Bahrain under a Bahraini commercial registration. This office is opened solely for pursuing similar work and to provide alike services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Due to the limited resources, EPSE’s Bahraini office operation is fully supported by Saudi Arabia office, whenever and wherever needed.
As a matter of policy to maintain and continuously improve EPSE’S stance, technical staff are rigidly selected to guarantee a competent, reliable, and well-motivated team.

The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Pioneers in SCADA Systems

25+ experience in SCADA systems from design, installation, and commotion.

Quality Advanced Solutions

EPSE always deal and provide high quality equipment.

Competitive Pricing

We don’t only compete in our engineering, but also in our prices.

Highly Trained Professionals

EPSE always ensure that their engineers are highly trained and citified in their fields in order to deliver high quality solutions.

30 Years Experience

EPSE have been in the electronics and technology businesses for a lot of time.

Great Support

To ensure our support, EPSE shall without hesitation provide that expected extra free mile.

Our Vision

To be positioned as a local leader in automation and in general monitoring and control systems fields.

Our Motto

“God loves if any of you has done a deed to perfect it”. Prophet Muhammad

(Narrated by: Tabarani, 901 – Hathami, 98/4 – Al-Siyouti, 5232).

Our Mission

EPSE strives to put hard work, attention to details and determination in each and every job we attend to achieve our goal of surpassing our client’s expectation.

Commitment Statement

Electrical Power Systems Establishment shall, at all times, commit itself to meet its contractual obligations by rendering fine services, quality tested apparatuses and be part of the team to accomplish every project or job EPSE is trusted with satisfactorily.  When needed,  EPSE shall without hesitation provide that expected extra free mile, if reasonable and possible.

QA & QC Statement

Electrical Power Systems Est. is committed to furnish high quality services to its clients.  In course of satisfying its contractual obligations, EPSE shall adhere at all times to the established QA/QC requirements to insure that its market place is always preserved to the highest attainable level. Furthermore, the above said statements dictates EPSE to refrain from implicating itself in any job that falls beyond its capabilities.

Safety Statement

Electrical Power Systems Est. is dedicated to provide safe working environment for its employees and all others participating in the same activity that EPSE is attending.  EPSE shall strive to achieve this through a program of continuous education of employees in safety and loss prevention aspects and by means of effective communications between all parties involved in project implementation.

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