Base solution for the smallest applications

The advances of the energy revolution are meaning the number of systems and devices to monitor is increasing. Stations become smaller and need to be equipped with telecontrol technology. It is at this point that needs such as functionality and practicability have to be reconciled with the constantly growing challenges in regard to IT security as well as economic and physical restrictions. The m5 with all the necessary basic telecontrol functions offers solutions for numerous application areas, and its particularly compact size and low price are impressive features.

Application areas of the m5

  • Feed-in management for small feeders
    (e.g. future-oriented substitute for radio ripple control)
  • Direct marketing and interconnection of virtual power plants
  • Monitoring and control unit for infrastructure applications,
  • pipe-bound media and the provision of contracting services
  • Charging management for battery storage and e-mobility

Depending on the application, additional components such as external relays may be required.

m5 product

 For more information about m5 please visit SAE IT-systems

Capacity and Functionality

  • 6 indication inputs
  • 5 command outputs
  • 1 measurand input
  • 1 set point output
  • 2 Ethernet LAN connectors (separated)
  • RS-485 field interface
  • RS-232/V.24 interface
  • Configuration via LAN and USB
  • Removable screw terminals

For applications requiring other supply voltages, compact, external power supply units can be added to the m5:

  • 230 V AC
  • 18 to 75 V DC (wide-range)


For the connection of the large number of small decentralised systems, a powerful LTE modem in a compact format is available for the m5 as an expansion*:

  • Dual antenna with MIMO transmission
  • Fallback capability to 2G/3G networks
  • 3GPP cat3 communication to 100 Mbit/s
  • Also available: 450 MHz modem

Provided Protocols

  • IEC 60870-5-101 telecontrol technology, station control technology
  • IEC 60870-5-104 TCP/IP coupling to control centre
  • DNP3 server, serial/IP
  • IEC 62056-21 meter connection (IEC 1107)
  • SML SyM² meter connection via Ethernet
  • Modbus RTU/TCP master/slave
  • SNMPv3 l network management
  • VPN tunnel (IPsec IKEv1/IKEv2, OpenVPN, GRE**)
  • Syslog-ng Server
  • LDAP and RADIUS server

**In combination with the 450 MHz modem

SAE IT-systems

SAE IT-systems is producer of high-performance telecontrol- and substation automation systems for application areas like electricitywaternatural gasdistrict heattraffic infrastructures and industry. Based on their experience gained in more than 45 years they are one of the leading companies in the market regarding know-how and innovation. With more than 85 employees at their headquarter in Cologne, they offer demand-driven hard- and software products as well as all matching services form a qualified project management to bringing the system into service.