Underground Cable Fault Indicators (6-36kv)

Fault Passage Indicators for distribution network underground cables

Faults on the Overhead Electrical networks occur quite often, which results in power outages either for a short or long period of time, depending upon the type of fault. It takes a very long time to locate the fault on that section of the network from where fault passed through, with the help of only sectionalizers and auto-reclosers since they provide us a large area, which needs to be patrolled to find out the location of the fault. Fault passage Indicators (FPI) helps us in finding the fault fast, decreasing outage times and maintaining services provided by the utilities, by almost giving us an exact area where the fault is, so it is easier to locate fault in very short time.

EPSE represents a prestigious organization named Nortroll, exclusively in Saudi Arabia. Nortroll is the pioneer of electronic fault passage indicators and has been providing the FPI for Overhead and Underground Networks for more than 40 Years now, which covers various solutions for Transmission and Distribution Networks.

CableTroll 23X0

CableTroll 2300 series fault Indicators indicates phase to phase and/or phase to ground faults in underground cable networks.

CableTroll 2300 series fault Indicators can be applied on multi-core and single-core cables.

Features CableTroll®2300 series fault Indica-tors

  • Micro-controller based indicator.
  • Programmable functions by dipswitches.
  • LED fault indication for earth and short circuit faults.
  • Output for remote signaling and external indication.
  • Several power supply alternatives.
  • Multi reset function: Manual, automatic, programmable timer, or remote
  • Battery monitoring.

CableTroll 2300 series fault Indicators is a complete system for indication of phase to ground and phase to phase faults in underground 6-36 kV MV cable networks with multi core cables where sensors can be mounted in a safe area on the cable termination. The earth fault sensor/element (EFE), which is a CT (current transformer), will measure the imbalance in the feeder in the case of an earth fault. Short circuit is detected by two additional phase-mounted sensors. All indicators located between the feeding transformer and the fault location will indicate.

The system consists of:

  • Indicator housing with electronics and battery
  • Earth Fault Element (EFE),
  • Current sensors or short circuit elements (dependent on model)

Trip level for earth fault detection is adjustable in the range from 5-240A. Trip level for short-circuit detection is adjustable in the range from 250-1000 A for product nr 2320 and 350-1200A for product nr 2330.

The programming is done by altering the dipswitches located inside the main indicator housing. Timer reset of indication is programmable to 2, 6, 12 or 24 hours.

Battery lifetime is estimated to 8 years of standby or 1500 hours of indication.

CableTroll 2310: The indicator uses one Nortroll type summing transformer for detection of earth-faults only.

CableTroll 2320: The indicator uses a Nortroll type summing transformer and two short-circuit elements with fibre optic cables for detection of earth-faults and short-circuit faults.

CableTroll 2330: The indicator uses two current sensors and one CT for detection of earth-faults and short-circuit faults.


IP65 Metal enclosure made according to latest SEC standards & specifications, can also be provided upon request with the indicators.